K4 - Toll | Weaving a Research Community: CATAJ Research and Writing Workshop

  • 2019-10-27
  • Room 118


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It can be challenging for emerging researchers and art therapy practitioners to translate their work into research. The connections between the healing nature of art and verbal communication/analysis can be difficult to synthesize in a research paper. This workshop seeks to help art therapist practitioners, researchers, and students in their research writing process through discussions, providing practical tips, and engaging in a writing experiential. Changes to the journal and submission guidelines will also be presented.

Haley Toll is the Lead Editor of the Canadian Art Therapy Association Journal and is pursuing a PhD at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Her research focuses on art therapy in cross-cultural contexts and arts-based methodologies. Haley has worked with children and adults internationally and across Canada who have experienced cancer, sexual abuse, and other psychological and emotional challenges. She has also trained mental health practitioners in Botswana, Thailand, and Mongolia.