I1 - Frayne | A New Ecology of Transitioning: Cycling through Disintegration, Emptiness and Re-emergence of Identity

  • 2019-10-26
  • MacDonald Hall


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Profound life transition can be a catalyst for the dissolution of our sense of self. Guided by post-modernism and eco-feminism, this poster examines rites of passage and cyclical metaphors, which allow for a life-death-life cycle. The quality of emptiness is embraced, making space for the emergent, namely new possibilities for identity. Expressive therapies have the capacity to welcome and hold the unknown, honouring the work it does in us.

Heather Frayne is an expressive arts therapist. Much of her work is about un-becoming: the dismantling, deconstructing, dislocation of identity. Heather’s process is to flesh out found images after embodied expression. She begins by listening to her body, expressing intuitively, and then seeing what wants to emerge. Art-making becomes witness and rite of passage. Heather lives and works in Edmonton, AB.