C2 - Sherwin-Roller | The Art Therapist’s Role in Decolonization

  • 2019-10-25
  • MacDonald Hall


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This interactive workshop explores art therapy with Indigenous populations and the art therapist’s role in decolonization. Participants will learn about decolonization as a living, breathing process, rather than just a ‘word’. Participants will utilize art therapy to start to explore what that means to them and how to understand more about becoming an ally and working authentically within this milieu.
Nicola Sherwin-Roller graduated in 1994 from Concordia University with a master’s degree in art psychotherapy. Nicola has worked primarily with First Nations clients on community in rural Saskatchewan as well as in a private practice setting for the last 26 years. Nicola is the Saskatchewan director for the CCPA Board and on the steering committee of FACT-SK, as well as a member of the advocacy committee with CATA.