I3 - Stevenson | Creativity in Joyful Recovery — A Personal Journey

  • 2019-10-26
  • Room 122


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Weaving lecture with performance/video, this presentation explores how creativity in addiction recovery anchors a joyful life. Karen reflects on how creative exploration and expression was key in her 37-year journey of recovery. She examines how the arts can be a foundational anchor for those in their recovery journey. Current research on addiction recovery and an examination of where we as creative arts professionals can support those in recovery will be examined.

Karen Stevenson’s early journey towards wellness from addiction and LGBTQ+ identity struggles were all rooted in creative process. She is a grandmother, musician and art therapist/expressive arts practitioner and holds an MA in environmental education. She guides groups and individuals in her practice, Sustaining Wonder Creative Arts and Wellness (www.sustainingwonder.ca)