L4 - Hayashikawa | Healing Art Design for Awakening Resilience: A Fusion of Mandala Coloring Therapy and Ajikan Meditation

  • 2019-10-27
  • Room 118


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This workshop provides the healing community space composed of mandala coloring and Ajikan Meditation with breathing method. The presenter has been exploring ways of increasing human resilience for vivid life. Recently it has been reported that yoga and meditation have not only benefits but also side effects. In this workshop, participants will experience the self-released condition and be aware of oneness in bodily sensation while discussing some key Eastern philosophical thoughts.

Marina Hayashikawa is an associate professor of Nagasaki University, Japan. Her main research topic is healthcare management in the business environment. In her previous research, the art therapeutic effects in reducing business stress were reported. Furthermore, in order to increase human resilience, some models of healing art design depending on the Buddhist training methods have been proposed.