B3 - Hennick | Bee Spirited

  • 2019-10-25
  • Room 122


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Encaustic painting offers benefits such as stress reduction, improved mood and increased relaxation. It can provide immense stimulation when witnessing the unplanned formations of beeswax running together and textures that result from layering. The results are immediate as this media dries quickly. Layering of art media offers clients an opportunity to conceptualize their issues within a safe therapeutic environment.

Heather Hennick is a registered psychotherapist, professional art therapist and professional artist. Her experience extends to private practice in Toronto specializing in compassion fatigue and burnout. For the past 5 years her practice has also supported geriatric populations and adults with complex disabilities including dementias and Alzheimer’s. As a Psychotherapist, deep listening and compassion supports her person-centered approach. Visual creative approaches are used depending on what is right for the client.