E4/F4 - Featherstone | Journey to the World Tree

  • 2019-10-26
  • Room 118


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Utilizing the ‘Self as Tree’ directive, this workshop invites participants to move deeper into the spiritual level of lived experience. Using a holistic, person centered, anti-oppressive approach, Nikki will guide you through a shamanic journey to your own World Tree, and then into art making as response. Become this universal symbol that is said to stand at the center of all worlds, weaving and bridging the web of connection between us all.

Nikki Featherstone is an intuitive artist, a lifelong seeker of knowledge, a writer, and a professional art therapist. She loves cats, trees, exploring spiritual pathways, and art in all forms. At Haven Art Therapy Studio, Nikki provides a holistic, anti-oppressive therapeutic approach and creates intentional inclusive spaces. Haven is a safe space for all people.